CMEEC’s mission is to enable the municipal electric utilities to be the providers of choice through a diverse, stable, predictable, integrated portfolio of generation, transmission, energy efficiency and load management resources that maximizes the competitive position of Connecticut’s municipal utilities in the retail electric market.


CMEEC’s vision is to be a joint action entity that enables Connecticut’s municipal utilities to meet the diverse needs of their customers at the lowest possible cost in an environmentally acceptable manner in a constantly changing electric energy industry.


CMEEC’s Board of Directors adopted a set of nine objectives to guide the organization’s policies and performance.

  1. Regional competitiveness: Manage portfolio to provide electric products to Member utility and participant customers at competitive costs across the region. Maintain lowest cost to provide essential service to the community and maintain long-term financial integrity.
  2. Financial stability: Enable the organization to continue its path of excellence by managing the operation to maintain and improve credit rating, attain revenue plans, and meet operating and capital budgets.
  3. Supply reliability: Plan, deploy and manage operations and assets to ensure supply reliability meets or exceeds established standards and customer expectations. Ensure compliance with reliability consortium standards.
  4. Customer fulfillment: Meet and exceed customer qualitative impressions on a continuing basis in communication, cost performance reconciliation, forward cost projections, and balance of service performance.
  5. Maximize asset value: Achieve the highest level of value for stakeholders and return on assets by continuously improving business processes to positively impact resource utilization, efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Organizational leadership: Establish and set the direction of the organization, develop and enhance individual and corporate ability, promote organizational sustainability by providing positive visibility and leadership within CMEEC/TRANSCO and the communities, as well as industry and regulatory agencies.
  7. Workforce development: Ensure the skills and knowledge required to effectively perform business processes are readily available to the organization in all positions, in the appropriate locations, and in prudent numbers, today and into the future.
  8. Regulatory stewardship: Meet or exceed compliance with regulatory (federal, state and local) rules and guidelines. Ensure any deviations from regulations are noted, corrective action is implemented, and repeat incidents do not occur. Inculcate regulatory stewardship throughout the organization.
  9. Safe workplace: Create and sustain a workplace environment in which employees and contractors effectively perform their duties without unreasonable threat of physical harm. Operate facilities, plants and vehicles to ensure a safe environment for communities, structures and people.


CMEEC envisions a secure energy future for the customers and communities we served, based on our guiding principles.

  • CMEEC will accomplish its mission and vision in a manner consistent with its core values
  • CMEEC will promote a business environment and culture that is committed to supporting the needs of the Connecticut municipal utilities
  • CMEEC will promote all efforts to maintain and improve a collaborative Member and Board relationship and to encourage joint action by the Connecticut municipal utilities
  • CMEEC will conduct its business with sustainable financial integrity
  • CMEEC will promote a work environment that attracts and retains high quality individuals and enable its employees to develop their full potential
  • CMEEC will promote ethical behavior and conduct at all levels within and outside of its organization
  • CMEEC will promote efforts consistent with sound environmental stewardship with energy efficiency and conservation as a natural implementation resource
  • CMEEC projects will be constructed, procured and operated with due regard for the environment and the safety of personnel