The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative or CMEEC (pronounced “SEE-mek”) is a public power entity that provides electric services to several municipal utilities and participating wholesale customers located in Connecticut. The municipal utilities, in turn, provide electricity to roughly 70,000 residential, commercial/industrial and small business customers located across the state. CMEEC is headquartered in Norwich, Connecticut, in the U.S.

Established in 1976 as a publicly directed joint action supply agency, CMEEC is governed by a member-based Board of Directors. Our mission and operating principles are founded on state statutes, CMEEC bylaws and a long-standing commitment to serve community utilities.

Member owners and participants: CMEEC is owned by municipal utilities in the cities of Groton and Norwich, the Borough of Jewett City, and the Second (South Norwalk) and Third (East Norwalk) Taxing Districts of the City of Norwalk, Connecticut. CMEEC provides wholesale power and related requirements to these member utilities, as well as to other participating utilities including the Bozrah Light and Power Company and the Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority.


CMEEC is responsible for the financing, acquisition and construction of generating resources and implementation of power supply contracts for the purpose of furnishing low-cost and reliable electric power to its members and participants. Electric energy purchase contracts and other resources obtained by CMEEC supply power to each of the community-owned utilities. The utilities in turn distribute the power at retail to local homes and businesses at the lowest prices in Connecticut.

Power supply

Sources of electric power range from nuclear plants to hydroelectric stations in Connecticut to massive power dams in Canada and New York. Power is acquired from different generating sources, including short- and long-term contracts for different types of power purchases and municipally-owned generating stations, and from joint ownership arrangements. Power is transmitted to municipal utilities under negotiated rights to interconnecting transmission systems.


CMEEC represents our members and participants as a single-entity participant in the regional Independent System Operation (ISO-New England) and the New England Power Pool (NEPOOL). CMEEC serves as the designated bargaining agent for the State of Connecticut with respect to the New York Power Authority’s allocation of Niagara and St. Lawrence power supply. CMEEC actively participates in industry groups such as: the American Public Power Association (APPA), the Northeast Public Power Association (NEPPA), the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), and the Connecticut Valley Electric Exchange (CONVEX).

For more info: Refer to CMEEC’s FAQ section and these additional resources.