Connecticut’s municipal utilities supply electric power to over 70,000 customers including some of the state’s largest and most prominent industries.

DSC_8150The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative or “CMEEC” is a publicly directed joint action supply agency formed by Connecticut’s municipal electric utilities in 1976 under the state’s General Statutes. Headquartered in Norwich, Conn., CMEEC is responsible for the financing, acquisition and construction of generating resources, and implementation of power supply contracts for the purpose of furnishing low-cost and reliable electric power to its members and participants.

CMEEC’s member utilities are: City of Norwich Department of Public Utilities, City of Groton Department of Utilities, Borough of Jewett City Electric Light Plant, Norwalk Third Taxing District Electrical Department and South Norwalk Electric Works. In addition to these five voting members of the cooperative, CMEEC provides wholesale power to participating utilities Bozrah Light & Power Company and Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority.