CMEEC is the centralized resource supporting energy conservation programs for municipal utility customers. As part of Connecticut’s Municipal Energy Conservation and Load Management Fund,

CMEEC’s energy-efficiency rebate programs continue to save customers money and make informed energy choices.

CMEEC’s maintains a broad, comprehensive portfolio of conservation and load management products and services which reach all classes of customers, from individual residents to large commercial and industrial operations. View current CMEEC plan at Energize

Residential customers: Residents are encouraged to contact their local utility for information on currently available programs. Get started now to save energy and reduce costs.

  • Residential lighting – Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are among the most cost effective means of energy savings per dollar spent.
  • Home Energy Savings program – Over 8,000 municipal customers have taken advantage of this comprehensive service that provides on-site assessments, installation of energy-saving devices (weather stripping, CFLs, low-flow faucets, etc.) and rebates for home appliances and insulation.
  • Cool Choice program – Incentive payments give customers an affordable way to purchase or replace central air conditioning equipment.
  • Green Choice program – Renewable energy sources are another option for customers who designate a special premium on their monthly electric bill.
  • Energy Depot® free online access – CMEEC’s local utility websites link customers to state-of-the-art resources and interactive tools, including Energy Profile, Energy Calculator, Energy Library, Energy Advisor and more.

Commercial and industrial customers: To keep their competitive edge and reduce operating costs, smart businesses partner with their local utility on a range of energy-saving initiatives:

  • Lighting retrofits – With a high peak coincident factor, this measure is one on the most cost-effective in terms of $/kWh and $/kWh saved.
  • Custom air conditioning replacement projects
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic systems
  • Installation of geo-thermal heat pump systems
  • Custom projects for process equipment upgrades Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund for residents, businesses, and state and local governments. CMEEC also provides a link for customers to the statewide WISE-USE telephone number, directly connecting customers to our energy efficiency help line.

CMEEC recognizes the advantages of program consistency on a statewide basis, thus maximizing program reach and eliminating potential confusion among customers. CMEEC programs are designed to be compatible with the Energy Efficiency Board (EEB) programs wherever effectively possible. We coordinate with the EEB and the Department of Environmental and Energy Policy (DEEP) for federally funded programs, ensuring that customers have access to all programs for which they are eligible, as long as funding is available. For customers interested in developing renewable generation resources, CMEEC utilities work closely with the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CCEFIA).

Truly localized, customer-driven service is a hallmark of the CMEEC organization, with participating utilities maintaining a high level of accessibility and interaction with customers and constituents.

Monthly public meetings with local utility commissioners and interested residents ensure on-going, two-way communication, and provide opportunities for timely updates and discussions of utility programs.

CMEEC’s energy efficiency mission

To reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, decrease peak demand, and offset, to the extent possible, the need to construct and operate new generation and transmission systems.