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Over 2,000 communities in the U.S. rely on not-for-profit electric utilities that are locally owned and operated by the people they serve. Connecticut’s municipal electric utilities came together in 1976 to form CMEEC, the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative.

Today CMEEC is owned and governed by six member utilities. These are the cities of Groton and Norwich, the borough of Jewett City, Bozrah Light & Power Company, and the Second (South Norwalk) and Third (East Norwalk) Taxing Districts of Norwalk, Connecticut. CMEEC provides wholesale power and related requirements to member utilities as well as to the Mohegan Tribal Utility Authority and major electric customers in and beyond Connecticut.

The Connecticut Transmission Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (“TRANSCO”) was created by CMEEC in 2009. As a separate joint action agency, it acquired local transmission assets in order to provide transmission services required by CMEEC for its members and customers. TRANSCO is governed by the same body as CMEEC. The management and staff of CMEEC operate TRANSCO and oversee its operations.

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