Groton Utilities


cityofgrotonGroton Utilities is a municipally owned and operated utility providing electricity and other services (water, waste water) to residents and businesses of Groton, Conn. (population 42,324). Major customers include the Naval Submarine Base, a nuclear submarine shipyard, and a global pharmaceuticals firm.

Groton Utilities has taken additional security measures to protect our water and electric facilities in the aftermath of the tragic September 11th attack on the World Trade Center. It is our first priority to safeguard the purity of our water supply and ensure the continuity and safety of our electric service.

Groton Utilities asks you to assist us in our efforts to maintain maximum security at our facilities. You can help by simply observing and reporting any suspicious activities on or near our facilities or our vehicles displaying the Groton Utilities logo.

Please report unusual activities to Groton Utilities anytime of the day or night: Call us immediately at 860.446.4000.