The Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CMEEC) was formed by the state’s municipal electric utilities in 1976 under authority of the state’s General Statutes.

CMEEC structure: CMEEC is organized as a partnership of six municipal utilities, each locally controlled. Through their ownership of and active participation in CMEEC, the member utilities are represented on the Board of Directors and thus provide the organization’s overall direction and governance.

Local representation with shared control: CMEEC’s Board of Directors is made up of two representatives from each of the member utilities. The Board sets policy for CMEEC and performs other duties and responsibilities as determined by applicable state statutes and CMEEC’s bylaws. The Board is responsible for operating CMEEC in such a way that power supply services are provided for the optimum economic benefit of all members. Member systems control the process through their active Board participation. Members and participating utilities pay for power based on a rate tariff that reflects a melding of costs of CMEEC’s total supply system.