norwalk ttd

Norwalk’s Third Taxing District (TTD) was originally known as the East Norwalk Fire District of the Town of Norwalk, and prior to that it was known as the Down Town School District.

The original purpose of assigning “Districts” was to assess residential taxes to support the community. The East Norwalk Fire District owned and maintained a fire department, an electric utility, parks, and roads.

In 1913, the City of Norwalk was formed by consolidating separate municipal governments in the area, including the Town of Norwalk, City of South Norwalk, and the East Norwalk Fire District. The East Norwalk Fire District was renamed and became the Third Taxing District of the City of Norwalk. TTD was permitted to continue to operate its electric utility, the same electric utility serving the people of East Norwalk today. The District also retained its parks and Firehouse and later acquired the East Norwalk Historical Cemetery and the building housing the East Norwalk Association Library.

In 2013, Norwalk’s Third Taxing District celebrated its 100th Anniversary of serving East Norwalk, and is proud of its continued commitment to the community. On July 11, 2013, TTD broke ground on the Fitch Street Substation, which will help TTD serve its customers more efficiently into the next century and beyond.