Jewett City


The Jewett City Department of Public Utilities (JCDPU), located at 9 East Main Street in Jewett City, CT is a municipally owned, not-for-profit utility that exists to provide reliable, cost effective electric and wastewater services to the community in which we serve.  By doing so we would expect to make Jewett City a better place to live, work and do business.

The Jewett City DPU was established in 1897 via a special law (special law number 298 of the Connecticut State Legislature) and is governed by a three-member board of commissioners.  We (Jewett City DPU) are joint owners of the Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative, and they (with input from the Jewett City DPU), procure power on behalf of Jewett City DPU.  The Jewett City DPU is also a member of (NEPPA) Northeast Public Power Association and is also an active member of (APPA) American Public Power Association.

It is typical on a yearly basis for the Jewett City DPU to contribute financially to the Borough of Jewett City to help stabilize the local tax rate.