Customer Value

Customer Value Is Our Focus

CMEEC consistently provides the most affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions available in New England. Members and customers alike count on us for world-class energy procurement, production and transmission, and comprehensive specialty services.

CMEEC creates and delivers the greatest value for customers by integrating five core service areas, each supported by proven processes and advanced systems.

  • Energy Commodity Management and Optimization — CMEEC actively manages the life cycle of each customer’s commodity supply process to ensure all critical interests are met. Our team helps define robust strategies for ongoing optimization and high-performance results in all market conditions – increasing, decreasing, static and volatile.
    • Customer Resource Planning evaluates immediate, near, and long term energy needs and identifies pricing targets in a risk-appropriate manner.
    • Customer Energy Modeling uses CMEEC’s proprietary quantitative tools and processes, with detailed analytics of input and output variables.
    • Customer Portfolio Resource Procurement includes credit-worthy wholesale counterparties, mark to market accounting, scheduling and settlement.
    • Customer Portfolio Planning/Development allows for ongoing evaluation of resource needs, risks, revenue and securitization opportunities.
  • Infrastructure / Asset Development and Management — CMEEC’s Asset Management group is highly skilled in maintaining generation assets including dual fuel, microgrid technology and transmission investments through our Connecticut Transmission Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative (CTMEEC) affiliate.
    • Project management is another valuable skill set that distinguishes CMEEC as a trusted local resource. Construction management experience includes distributed generation (through commissioning), service equipment upgrades, generation equipment decommissioning and site restoration. For full details, please ask about our credentials for construction and commissioning projects.
    • Our experienced staff is also available for power plant project feasibility analyses, including renewable resources, economic development assessments, cost reduction strategies and much more.

  • Energy Efficiency Services and Renewable Products — CMEEC helps members and customers take advantage of the latest programs, incentives and innovations like community solar gardens. Energy conservation efforts successfully reduce both consumption and costs, through commercial and industrial lighting retrofits, HVAC and refrigeration upgrades, automated thermostats for home and business, and combined distribution of over 1.5 million compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Risk Management and Business Intelligence Analytics — To navigate commercial risks facing municipal electric utility owners, CMEEC has developed extensive capabilities to identify, evaluate, manage, mitigate and report on power supply portfolio and other business variables. Let us demonstrate our enterprise risk management policy guidelines and the structures we employ to succeed in today’s continuously changing energy market.
    • CMEEC’s proprietary business intelligence discipline is another way we ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness for improved organizational decision-making. All of these tools are available to CMEEC member systems and select customers requiring ISO New England power supply data and analysis.
  • Regulatory Services — CMEEC has an important role in the ISO New England stakeholder advisory process, representing public power and load serving entities throughout the region and serving on major technical and governance committees.  As a longstanding advocate of consumer interests, CMEEC’s voice is recognized in utility matters across New England and at the federal energy regulatory level.